Once installed, your cable railing system will need some routine maintenance to look its best for years to come. See our simple maintenance instructions below and contact us with any questions.

Cable Railing Maintenance Instructions


The following guidelines are to be used to assist you in the maintenance of your new cable rail system.

Stainless Steel is a corrosion resistant material because of its protective chromium oxide film on the surface. Regular maintenance is a requirement to keep the luster and durability of your cable rail system. In most cases stainless steel can last for many years; however, without proper maintenance you will get slight rusting & stains in certain areas.

  • Clean the cable with stainless or metal cleaner. Do not use mineral acids or bleaches. Once clean, apply a thin coating of Boeshield T-9.
  • Do not use sand paper or steel wool to polish your cable or fittings, use fabric or a synthetic Scotch pad.
  • Do not leave stainless cable or fittings in contact with steel, iron, or other metal as it can cause rusting due to a process called free-iron transfer.
  • Remove any stains or rust spots right away with soap and warm water or stainless steel cleaner (preferred). Once clean and fully dry, re-apply a thin coat of Boeshield T-9 to the newly cleaned area.
  • Periodically inspect the cable tension for safety; re-tension the cable assembly as necessary.
  • In any outdoor, humid, or coastal areas, a thin coating of Boeshield T-9 is recommended on the cable and fittings to extend the life of the stainless railing. This simple maintenance task will prevent corrosion and keep your product looking as nice as it did the day it was installed. In coastal environments it is recommended this maintenance be done on a quarterly basis, or as needed.

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