Fall Protection

From commercial construction and tower climbing to the rooftop and electrical industries, falls are a primary hazard in these occupations. These incidents seriously injure thousands of workers every year, and only by using the proper safety equipment can the rates start to decrease. These facts drive us at American Cable & Rigging to produce protection gear of the highest quality possible and ensure that workers always feel safe while on the clock. These are our top pieces of fall protection safety equipment.

Our fall protection safety harnesses, for one, have been carefully crafted to meet all the requirements presented by OSHA. From the materials they’re made from to the rigorous testing involved in their manufacturing process, we go the extra mile to keep our products compliant and effective. We also care that they’re affordable for any company or worker who needs them. This is why we offer these safety items at very competitive prices.

We also supply rebar chain assembly fall protection systems that allow individuals to safely position themselves on unsteady rebar structures. Since the fall risk is particularly high on these builds, we wanted to sell strong enough products to keep workers secure. Made from top-grade steel chain, these assemblies hook snuggly around the structure and prevent large, sudden movements in the downward direction. This leaves a climber’s hands free to use their tools and complete the task at hand.

We provide a wide array of standard-issue fall protection lanyards as well to cater to a multitude of jobsite needs. These lanyards establish an anchor point and lock an induvial in place as they ascend or descend. As such, even if they slip, they’ll be immediately caught and in the position to correct their mistake.

American Cable & Rigging can provide you with custom fall protection safety equipment for your next job. Our full-body harnesses and lanyards will help keep you and your workers safe. Call today at 828-654-8000 to learn about our custom fall protection equipment.