When your home or business has an elevated patio or interior loft, you need a quality railing system. After all, safety is a major concern in these areas, and you must ensure your guests or employees stay safe from dangerous falls. Fortunately, those of us at American Cable & Rigging want to help. Take a look at our different professional cable railing services and how we can help you ensure optimal safety.

Exterior Railing Using Steel

If you need quality safety railings for your outdoor deck space, steel is one of the most durable materials for the job. Our cable systems and accessories are 100-percent compatible with steel railing frames and provide the perfect balance of security and style. This way, you can prevent falls and complement your existing look. We also offer exterior cable railing installation services to ensure your full satisfaction.    

Exterior Railing Using Wood

Our cables work with wooden railing frames as well. While we don’t construct wooden railings for home deck spaces ourselves, our cable components make for a strong and reliable barrier that reduces fall risks. We realize that steel isn’t the only option for protecting your deck spaces; therefore, we want to ensure our customers always have the tools they need for success. Regardless of what type of post material you use, our cables will create the proper barricade to steer you and your guests away from danger.   Wood Frame Detail   Again, although we do not build wood frames, if you are having a wood frame built for your deck with our cables installed, please see the following suggested layout for a wood frame that has proven successful for past installations:

Interior Railing Systems

American Cable & Rigging also installs railing systems along the interior of homes and residential complexes. Our professionally installed interior cable railing systems work with a multitude of different styles and home designs. As such, they’re the best way to adhere to safety codes without intruding on your personal design choices.  

Commercial Railing Systems

We understand that safety is a primary concern for business owners too. Commercial buildings aren’t always updated with modern safety procedures in mind—and this oversight increases the risk of someone sustaining injuries on the job. Our commercial railing systems offer the right amount of strength and support to prevent tripping and keep your company compliant with local safety laws.   To learn more about our professional cable railing services and products, give us a call anytime at 828-654-8000.

AFCO Aluminum Powder Coated Railing Systems

We also offer an all aluminum railing system that is powder coated from AFCO. As an AFCO dealer we can provide turnkey rails with installs as well as the materials only for you to install. We offer this AFCO rail in both a cable rail style as well as a vertical picket style.   To learn more about our professional cable railing services and products, give us a call anytime at 828-654-8000.