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Stainless Steel Cable for Safety and Design

Stainless steel cable is used in many safety products that are required to meet OSHA fall protection rules and regulations. As many people may know, cable wire is a necessary component when it comes being safe while climbing at height. However, there are also too many people who don’t think about safety when working high in the air, and they unknowingly risk their lives.

Unbelievably, or not, people have been seen standing in a tractor bucket with no thought of cable and rigging supplies while hoisting a ladder in the air to scale their home and, as reported by EHS in January of 2015, fall protection will most likely continue to be the major reason for fatalities on worksites.

Cable Wire and Safety

According to fairly new fall protection regulations set by OSHA, the installation of ladder safety systems is going to be mandatory on all ladders of more than 24 feet before the year 2040. Many construction professionals and their families may be looking forward to this since falls continue to be the number one reason for injuries and deaths in their industry.

Providers of stainless steel cable, railing materials and supplies, and rigging and cable materials may also be fond of the fall protection regulation because of the increase on demand that they will likely see for their ladder safety cable and rigging products due to the OSHA regulation.

In addition to the required cable and cable hardware, other fall restraint components in ladder safety systems usually include a carrier, safety sleeve, lanyard, connectors, and lifting harness. The new height requirement mentioned has a few key requirements that OSHA has stipulated. For example, cages are no longer approved as compliant fall protection with newly installed ladders, per regulation date of November 19, 2018. Per that same date, ladder safety systems must be used to replace damaged and inoperative cages. These are only a few stipulations, please visit to become familiar with all aspects of this important OSHA regulation.

Creative Stainless Steel Wire Projects

Another OSHA regulation that may drive up the demand for stainless steel wire, cable railing supplies, and fittings is the requirement that guardrails 42 inches high, plus or minus three inches. The demand for commercial and industrial cable rail systems and replacement parts may rise due to this specification.

Stainless steel cable and supplies are not only for industrial projects that require a toggle turnbuckle, lifting slings or have rigging and cable needs. Many architecture and design professionals use steel cable and other stainless steel supplies in their concepts. From modern stairway railings inside the home to outdoor wire rope deck railings and a beautifully landscaped living wall, DIY enthusiasts and construction professionals alike are getting creative with cable.