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3 Reasons Cable Railing Is the Best Option

Whether you build homes or are looking for homes, railing isn’t always a priority or much of a concern. But consider that not all workplace falls are the result of improper ladder use; improper fall protection and lack of safety railing can be hazardous as well. When it comes to working on homes or buying homes, consider the benefits of cable railing.

Visual Appeal

Cable rails, from a homeowner’s perspective, are appealing because they are aesthetically pleasing. In addition to that, the space between the cables allows for unobstructed views, which would be appealing for homeowners who have decks overlooking the city, mountains, or bodies of water.

Home Safety

Fastened with deck toggles (which allows the cable rails to match the angle of any stairway), cable rails are safe and can withstand impact that wood and other types of traditional railings cannot. They can absorb significant weight and impact with breaking.

As a stair railing, cables are equally attractive and effective for safety. While other factors are involved in stair safety, any consideration should be made since over a million Americans are injured on stairs every year!

Durability and Maintenance

Compared to other railing materials, cable rails are very durable and easy to maintain. Generally connected to metal or wood posts with a deck toggle or toggle turnbuckle, depending on the size and material of the post, cable railing is built to last. They also do not require the maintenance of other types of railing–for example, glass railing provides a great view, but they’re very cumbersome to clean. And wood railing also requires frequent staining and painting to maintain.


For the people building the home as well as people who are potentially going to live in the home, cable rails are an excellent choice because of their safety features, their appearance, and their durability and ease-of-maintenance. Once they’re installed, they provide home builders with an adequate safety railing, and they can withstand impact without damaging, which will keep the owners of the home safe as well.

When compared to glass, wood, or other types of railing, cable is an efficient, long-lasting solution for all purposes. They also add value to a home and work with any aesthetic design scheme without making the home look outdated.