How To Properly Use a Logging Choker Chain

How To Properly Use a Logging Choker Chain


There are various instrumental pieces of equipment and hardware utilized in the logging industry. But one of the most essential components is the use of logging choker chains. Not only do the hooks play a significant role, but the chain itself must be used properly to ensure job completion and worker safety. Let’s take a closer look at how to use a choker chain while abiding by safety precautions.

Getting Started

The first thing you want to do is unravel the chain to check for viability. Inspect the chain for discrepancies, kinks, and corroded links, as any of these factors can increase job-site risk. Once the chain is secure after inspection, check the ends for adequate logging choker hookups. These are vital to the chain because this is how the chain will attach to a log.

Attaching the Log

After performing thorough equipment and hardware inspection, you’re ready to attach the chain to the log. Wrap the chain around the log generously to ensure you have enough chains. Fasten the hook around the chain and close off any gaps.

Connect the opposite end of the chain to the piece of machinery that is completing the task. This is usually a tractor or pulley system. Ensure the hookup is secure to avoid safety risks or equipment damage while in motion.

The Chain at Work

The chain and the hooks work in tandem to create a tension system, and the machinery will drag the log from location to location. Once the relocation process is complete, unhook the chain from the piece of machinery first and the log second. Properly detaching the logging choker chain, hooks, and any other hardware is a vital step in ensuring the use of the equipment in the next task.

Finishing the Process

Double-check that all chains and hooks did not experience any damage during the task. Sometimes, the chain can experience wear and tear from external elements like rocks, rough terrain, or other logs. Wind the logging choker cable delicately so it’s accessible for the next logging crew and task.

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