The Advantages of Cable Railings

The Advantages of Cable Railings

When you think of railing materials, you probably picture a traditional wooden deck or maybe wrought iron, but what about cable? No, not the cable for your television, but steel cable. Believe it or not, there are several advantages of cable railings. Continue reading to learn more. Read More

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The Different Types of Rigging Hardware

Whether you’ve installed a rigging system before or not, there are several pieces of hardware you’ll need aside from the cabling itself. Continue reading to learn about the different types of rigging hardware.

Cable clamps

Sometimes referred to as clips, a cable clamp is an industrial-grade galvanized metal that holds the cables throughout the rigging system. In most setups, you’re going to need at least two of these. The most common use for cable clamps is to hold the cable together to reinforce the cable and reduce the load.

Eye bolts and hooks

The main use of eye bolts is to attach them as a point of securing the cable. There are several factors that go into choosing an eye bolt, but the most notable factor is its weight capacity. There are three common variations of eye bolts: standard nut eye bolt, shoulder nut eye bolt, and stainless shoulder nut eye bolt. All of these have their own weight capacities and applications. An eye hook is the industrial-grade hook that you’ll attach to loads. As a safety and security measure, all quality eye hooks will come with a latch mechanism on the hook as well.


As one of the most-used rigging hardware factors, quality shackles are vital to a successful rigging setup. One way to identify quality shackles from economical shackles is if they’re forged or not. All our rigging shackles are forged to ensure the highest strength. Plus, to help you not forget the shackle’s weight capacity, all of ours have the capacity permanently embossed on the hardware.

Forged swivels

To help position your load with the most control, you’ll want reliable swivels. We offer three types of swivels: eye and eye, jaw and eye, and chain. To ensure strength and durability, all of our swivels are also forged, just like our shackles.

Slider choking hooks

Similar to eye hooks, choking hooks help you lift bundles or materials that you tie up with chains and more. You should ideally have several choker hooks in your arsenal. Slider choking hooks are commonly found in industries that move a lot of logs and other materials that require being tied up to lift and move.


Lastly, to help workers control the tension on a cable all while reducing excess cable slack, you’re going to need a turnbuckle. There are several variations of turnbuckles and we offer five: jaw and eye, jaw and jaw, hook and eye, hook and hook, and––you guessed it––eye and eye. Each turnbuckle has its own advantages, depending on your application. Like the majority of our other hardware, all our turnbuckles are also galvanized by forging.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different types of rigging hardware and their uses, you can look for quality hardware. Galvanized and forged materials are certainly your best bet, especially if you need longevity.

Here at American Cable Rigging, we’ve been a family owned and operated business for over thirty years, and that’s exactly how we do business. Our family takes pride in providing our customers with high-quality products and being a one-stop-shop for all your cable rigging hardware needs. Contact us today for more information; we’re happy to help.