3 Advantages of Using Chain Slings for Rigging

3 Advantages of Using Chain Slings for Rigging

A chain sling is likely used for lifting concrete slabs, prefabricated structures, skip bins, and more. With many advantages of using chain slings for rigging, you’ll find that it’s excellent for various jobs and industries. Read about the benefits of this rigging equipment to determine if it’s right for your application.

Extremely Durable

If you were to juxtapose chain slings with other materials, you would find that the metal in the chain is highly durable in many instances. This is because the metal can resist abrasions, impact damage, and chemicals. When it comes to lifespan, chain slings will serve your rigging jobs a lot longer than synthetic materials. One of the most significant benefits is that this chain can work in multiple environments without diminishing strength and durability.

Highly Versatile

What makes a chain sling highly versatile? When you’re using this material for rigging, you can easily adjust the sling to better configure it to your load—something you cannot do with nylon or synthetic slings. This means you can construct the proper rigging dimensions directly in the field to create a safer worksite. Adjustable lifting chains can be used in a variety of rigging applications, making them highly versatile and perfect for many jobs.

Easy To Inspect and Repair

If damage occurs to a wire or nylon sling, you cannot repair them. Instead, you must dispose of them and use a new sling. You can, however, inspect and repair chain. So, if damage occurs to your metal sling in the field, you do not need to dispose of it—save your business money by repairing and re-inspecting the equipment for use again. This is a major advantage of using chain slings for rigging.

American Cable Rigging takes pride in our variety of heavy-duty lifting chains. You can browse through our website to find a suitable chain for your application. With various chain slings available, you’ll likely find the best match to withstand your daily operations. Take advantage of the benefits chain has to offer for safer rigging!