3 Advantages of Using Web Slings for Rigging

3 Advantages of Using Web Slings for Rigging

Manufacturers use many different types of materials to make lifting supplies, rigs, and hoists. But they’re not all created equal. Regarding rigging, there are various advantages to using web slings and nylon straps. Read on as we discuss the best reasons to use web slings and how they benefit your job sites.

Increased Flexibility

The fibers in synthetic materials have increased flexibility, reducing overall safety risks. They can easily grasp uneven and rigid loads, increasing job efficiency. Additionally, this increased flexibility makes them more suitable for jobs dealing with fragile objects. You can transport these fragile objects without the risk of scratching, crushing, or damaging them.

Chemical Resistant

Synthetic materials have varying resistance to corrosion and chemical exposures. For example, nylon lifting straps have a stronger resistance to high-alkaline environments. In contrast, polyester slings possess a stronger resistance to chemicals with high acidities.

Abrasion Resistant

These strong, flexible fibers enable the material to lessen the chances of abrasions or cuts. Additionally, abrasion-resistance layers are woven into the fibers to ensure safety and security while in use. These properties make them excellent for job sites where heavy objects are lifted or objects with sharp edges and corners.

There are other advantages to investing in web slings for rigging with synthetic materials. A few of these include:

  • Affordability. Alloys or other materials are more expensive than synthetics like nylon.
  • Versatility. Synthetic slings are versatile. Job sites such as shipping, construction, mining, and industries with heavy objects can all use synthetic materials.
  • Customizable. A significant advantage to a synthetic such as nylon is customization. You can tailor the straps and slings to the specific needs of a job, including factors like length, width, and strength.

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