3 Considerations to Make When Choosing Cable for a Railing

looking for cable and rigging suppliesHaving strong and sturdy railings is crucial. This is especially true seeing as how an American Journal of Emergency Medicine study shows that over one million Americans sustain injuries on stairs each year. Railings are important for not just stairs, but landings and decks as well. And because railings play such an important role, people often choose cable railings due to the many benefits they offer. So if you’re thinking about investing in cable railing supplies, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at cable options.

Safety: When you’re looking for cable and rigging supplies for a railing, the first thing you should think about is safety. Since railings are designed to prevent people from falling, it’s important to choose a cable that can withstand a heavy load. There are different minimum breaking strengths of cables so make sure you choose the right one. Additionally, when your cable railing hardware is installed, ensure it’s up to code. There are regulations regarding how far apart cables can be and railing heights so double check on those.

Stretch: Cables come in a wide variety of elasticities because they have several applications. But for a railing, you want to choose a cable that doesn’t have very much stretch to it. This is because if someone or something falls or leans against the railing, you don’t want the cables to stretch. Instead, you want a cable that is more rigid. This will prevent objects from being able to go through the railing if the cables move. So when you’re looking for cable and rigging supplies, make sure you consider stretch.

Style: Of course, when you’re buying a railing, you want to keep aesthetics in mind. Cables can be coated and painted with different colors, so it’s important to explore your options. Additionally, you may want to ask about coatings that can be applied to the cables to prevent rust and reduce general wear and tear. Overall, cables generally look the same, besides varying colors, but you should still keep style in mind. You can also choose different materials for your posts, so make sure the cables and posts look nice together.

Choosing the cable for a railing is not a decision that should be made lightly. So keep these considerations in mind to ensure you choose the best cable for your needs.