5 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe While You’re Not Home

5 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe While You’re Not Home

Going away for a few days or longer means there’s a lot to prepare. And when you leave behind your beloved pets, an extra layer of worry slips in, as their safety remains a top priority. Let’s dive into the best ways to keep your pets safe while you’re not home.

Comfortable Temperatures

Something simple we can provide to our pets in times of absence is a comfortable environment. The temperature you typically have the home set at is the temperature they’re most likely to accept. Understandably, you would adjust your thermostat to accommodate a lack of presence, so it’s best to gauge the length of your absence to determine where to leave the settings.

Secure Belongings Out of Reach

In general, it’s beneficial to have things picked up upon your return but take the extra step of securing anything potentially hazardous to your animals. Ensure your coffee table is free of clutter, all chemical cabinets are secure, and kids’ toys are put away in a toy room with a door.

It’s usually the items you least expect that they get ahold of and destroy. And you don’t want your pets to become injured while you’re gone, as this can lead to severe illness or even death.

Supply Enough Food and Water

Depending on your time away, you may need to have several days’ worth of supplies available for your pets to access. An excellent way to know how much food to have accessible is counting days away and multiplying two feeds, day and night.

It’s common for pets to eat a little less when their owner is not around, but it’s better to have more than enough than too little. It’s the same for water—use large bowls for them so they can access it on demand. If you want to treat your furry friends, scatter treats around the house in their common areas for them to find in their free time.

Provide Safe Enclosures

Another effective way to keep your pets safe while you’re not home is to provide secure enclosures where they can rest. Perhaps you live in a climate that lets you safely house your pets outside. If this is the case, building them a cable rail fence or enclosure with cable rigging hardware will help keep them protected on your property.

Ensure Your Smoke Detectors Are Updated

Just before you go, walk around and double-check that all your smoke detectors have working batteries. You could also consider digital sensors that alert your phone of any mishaps. Generally, these come with the ability to unlock or open doors for your pets to exit safely.

It’s common for pet owners to have concerns when they’re planning to be absent. Hopefully, this list will help you the next time you’re in this situation. Get in touch with American Cable Rigging today, and we will do our part to ensure your worries are few!