5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer for Young Children

5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer for Young Children

Having children is one of the most important decisions you will make. Just as everything else in your life changes with a little one, the comfort of your home will change to accommodate them. Many wonder when they should babyproof and where to begin. Aside from corner protectors and outlet covers, there are several other ways to make your home safer for young children.

Let’s look at some of the things you can do to create a safe and happy home for your kids!

Install Secure Railings

We trust the construction of our homes and often overlook things like railing security. But before a little one becomes mobile and can pull themselves up, you should do a thorough inspection of all stair rails, deck rails, and fasteners.

Things like hardware and posts can come loose over time. Now might also be an excellent time to consider replacing old wooden railings or decking. Consider investing in wire cable railing hardware to create a long-term solution with more security.

Lock Windows and Secure Stairways

Securing stairways is easy with baby gates. Consider installing something that fastens more permanently and features a latching door. This can keep stair accidents at a minimum until the child is old enough to learn stair safety.

You should also consider all window latches, especially in multi-level homes. If you like to open your windows in the warmer months to let a breeze through, choose only the windows in your sight and secure them when the day is over.

Use Socket Covers and Cord Holders

A typical child safety measure is covering sockets, but you should also be careful about sockets currently in use. Cover unused sockets and protect any wires or cords in the vicinity.

Children are naturally curious as they navigate the world around them, so they are likely to pull on cords, which can result in an electrical accident. Use cord holders to secure loose cords and keep them out of reach.

Store Pharmaceuticals in High Cabinets

Doctors prescribe medications for specific patients. Children generally require pediatric medicine in lower doses. For this reason, all pharmaceutical products should be kept out of a child’s reach and locked away.

Generally, the bathroom medicine cabinet will work given its height, but other places like kitchen cabinets, safes, and high closet shelves also work well.

Lock Away Sharp Tools

One of the best ways to make your home safer for young children is to lock away any sharp objects. Knives, scissors, and tools should never be within a child’s reach because children can hurt themselves handling them.

You can avoid unnecessary accidents by storing sharp objects away correctly. Some excellent solutions include locked toolboxes in the garage, a locking latch on the silverware drawer, and safes for leisure tools.

To learn more about cable railing solutions or other child safety measures, reach out to American Cable Rigging today!