A Brief Safety Guide for Logging

A Brief Safety Guide for Logging

Whether you manage a team of logging professionals or you’re the laborer, you must follow safety best practices. Logging is one of the most dangerous careers in the world, and understandably so. We compiled a brief safety guide for logging to keep yourself and your team safe.Be sure to read on.

Wear Seat Belts When Operating Machinery

Many large-scale logging operations require the use of heavy machinery; . The problem is, logging and deforestation doesn’t always occur on level ground. To keep yourself safe while operating heavy machinery, you must wear your seat belt. Additionally, under no circumstances should someone be allowed to operate machinery without the appropriate licenses.

Always Wear Your Protective Equipment

OSHA has a number of requirements for the logging industry and one of those is PPE. Every worker should wear a hard hat, safety glasses, and hearing protection. Moreover, anybody using equipment like a chainsaw should wear cut-resistant leg protection. As the manager, you should ask your team to wear steel-toed boots and brightly colored clothes for safety in hectic work environments.

Keep Your Distance

Trees and branches can fall from anywhere when you’re in a logging work zone. That said, you should always keep your distance from heavy machinery. Many logging crews follow what’s called a two tree’s length rule. The rule merely asks workers to stay at least two tree lengths apart from a tree that’s being cut. You can think of this rule as the original social distancing.

Only Use High-Quality Equipment

There’s obviously a wide array of equipment required in the logging industry. You need chainsaws, axes, and heavy machinery. In addition, you’ll also need attachments for your heavy machinery to operate properly. Most logging companies use grapples, logging chokers, and hooks to transport felled trees. You should always invest in quality equipment: never skimp on quality when it comes to safety.

With this brief safety guide for logging, you should keep yourself and your crew safe. If you need more safety information, the best place to look is OSHA’s website. They have safety regulations for every industry.

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