Different Types of Logging Chokers and How To Use Them

Different Types of Logging Chokers and How To Use Them

Most of us laypeople do not know the first thing about logging chokers. But anybody who has worked in the logging industry could tell you about the different types of logging chokers and how to use them.

This article explores several examples of logging chokers, their descriptions, and their applications. By reading this article and internalizing what makes these tools different, readers will gain a better appreciation for logging chokers as a whole.

Cat Chokers

Property owners, farmers, contractors, and loggers all utilize cat chokers. To use a cat choker, you must place the nub into the choker bell. This creates a choking pressure around the log. It is perfect for skidding or moving logs.

Ring Chokers

Ring chokers are like cat chokers, only they have a heavy-duty ring put into a thimble eye. The ring is used as a pick point, which keeps the eye lasting longer. Ring chokers are commonly used with a toggle for purposes related to sky car logging.

Skidding Chokers

Skidding chokers come with nubs on both ends that are used in slider systems. These chokers are often found on skidders or tractors and are less popular than cat chokers.

Pipe Chokers

Pipe chokers include pressed carbon steel on both ends, as well as a sliding hook on the sling’s body. A pipe choker and a pipe choker cable can be used to lift cylindrical materials, like pipes.

Chain Chokers

The final example on the list of different types of logging chokers and how to use them, chain chokers are very similar to any other kind of choker. To operate one, slip the chain into the slot on the choker hook. It will remain in place once it has been installed and you apply the load. They can be difficult to slide under logs without a grab rod.


The world of logging chokers is full of small nuances and distinctions. Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea of how certain logging chokers differ from each other.