Factors To Consider When Choosing Industrial Chain Slings

Factors To Consider When Choosing Industrial Chain Slings

Every company that does extreme rigging and hoisting on a regular basis should have a number of chain slings on hand. That said, not every chain sling will do the job. You must ensure the sling meets all the necessary criteria before lifting anything. Using the wrong sling can quickly make an average day turn dangerous. There are a few factors to consider when choosing industrial chain slings, and we’re going to cover them in our guide below. Read on to learn more.

The Sling Rating

Every sling (chain or not) has a rating tied to it. The rating indicates how much weight that particular sling can handle in addition to the conditions. For example, some slings are fine in a variety of conditions ranging from cold temperatures to rain and snow. Before you attach a sling to your equipment, however, be sure the sling rating is appropriate for your lifting scenario. If you’re ever unsure, just ask a professional—we’re always happy to help and answer questions!

The Environment or Material’s Temperature

Like we briefly mentioned before, the temperature is an important factor to consider––though we’re not taking the temperature outside per se. Depending on your company’s environment, you might lift materials that are extremely hot, which would require a specific chain sling. Luckily, most chain slings can endure temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit—anything beyond that will require cooling down or a different sling.

The Sling’s Integrity

If you have chain slings on hand, you should always inspect the sling before using it. While chain slings are the strongest sling available and generally last much longer than other alternatives, they still break down over time. You should look for signs of wear and tear on your sling, including bent or twisted chain links, discoloration, and breaks in any links. A weakened chain sling could break and cause a very serious accident.

It’s crucial that everyone in your organization takes their chain sling selection seriously. Most chain slings will last for years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t deteriorate over their years of use. That said, you can count on longer-lasting and more reliable chain slings if you buy from a dependable supplier.

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