How Many Legs Should Your Chain Sling Have?

How Many Legs Should Your Chain Sling Have?

When you are in a business where you need to lift heavy items daily, such as the construction or logging industries, a chain sling can be a very useful tool. However, determining how many legs the chain sling should have can be difficult. Read below to learn how many legs your chain sling should have.

Single-Leg Sling

Adjustable lifting chains come in multiple configurations, including single-leg slings that use a single chain length for your lifted load. Although they cannot lift as much as the other types of slings, some allow users to lift as much as 50,000 pounds.

The single-leg chains also provide users with versatility. Users often use them for carrying loads in a vertical lift, but you can also use them to secure loads you are transporting.

Double-Leg Sling

A second option is a double-leg sling, which features two separate links of chains that can distribute the weight they carry evenly. Like the single-leg chain, this product is good for lifting and moving heavy items, but it can do much more.

Some double-leg products can carry weight loads that exceed 100,000 pounds. In addition, the double-leg product accommodates more overhead lift applications, including suspending loads from beams or rafters.

Four-Leg Sling

You can also purchase a four-leg sling, which can carry loads that the other slings cannot handle. In fact, some of these products can carry loads that exceed 180,000 pounds, which makes them perfect for lifting engines or machinery.

The chains also provide users with more versatility in terms of the way they connect. Although users can independently connect each leg, they can also connect all four or have two slings attached in the middle, which helps evenly distribute weight and prevent it from tipping.

After you have determined how many legs your chain sling should have, make sure you contact American Cable & Rigging. We have the chain slings you need that will get the job done.