How Often Should Your Chain Slings Be Inspected?

How Often Should Your Chain Slings Be Inspected?

Any time a job site requires professional-grade chain slings and rigging gear, it’s critical to adhere to the regulations and guidelines regarding safety inspections. These regulations include following designated inspection patterns and verifying specific functions to sustain safety. There are three levels of inspection protocols, and we’ll explain them here.

Initial Inspection Process

The initial inspection process is necessary before using any equipment. It’s critical to complete this process before each use to ensure safety during a job. A visual inspection can highlight snags or signs of wear on hooks, slings, hardware, and markings. This initial inspection also ensures you’re using the correct gear before a task, and that the load capacity aligns with the project specifications.

Frequent Inspection Process

In addition to an initial inspection process, performing frequent and daily inspections is vital. Designate a single foreman to perform an initial assessment and train all equipment users to perform routine inspections. This is a best practice to ensure safety between uses, from person to person and job to job.

A common area of concern is between applications. Just because the gear was right for the first task does not mean it will work for the second or third. Performing an inspection between each application is necessary for the gear and compliance of a job site.

Periodic Inspection Requirements

The person you designate to perform the initial inspections is generally well-versed in starting and ending position gear requirements. Designating them to perform periodic inspections can ensure each piece of gear complies with regulations, and replacement parts are in priority order.

Depending on the gear, there are various periodic requirements to abide by. These routine inspection standards can help you get started: usage rates and standard load activities and practices.

The most common guidelines for a periodic inspection include:

  • Special services recommended by a certified professional
  • Severe services performed once a month or once a quarter
  • Normal services performed annually

Gear like adjustable chain lifting slings, which are typical for everyday uses, are severe services and may not maintain compliance on annual inspections. Consider inspecting these monthly—before and during jobs.

If you recently inspected your chain slings and require replacements, reach out to American Cable Rigging today. We offer all kinds of rigging and lifting gear and hardware to ensure your job and team are safe.