How the Logging Industry Has Changed Over the Years

How the Logging Industry Has Changed Over the Years

The logging industry has changed over the years, just like almost every other trade. Advancements, refinement, and evolution of man all play a part in how old logging systems turned into modern logging. What began as an animal incorporated, manual labor position quickly turned into an economic force with a rapid supply and demand.

Then – Old Logging Skills

Before modern advancements, the logging industry required the strength of man and animals to bring timber to the market. It’s challenging to fathom the millions of feet of sawtimber and cords of pulpwood that became available through crosscut saw, axes, and bow saws. Oxen and horses also played a significant role in providing timber and other animal power.

Now – Evolving Industry

Several factors contribute to the evolution of logging, including technological advancements, varying wood conditions, dwindling tree sizes, and rapidly changing market demands. An old woodsman would not recognize the technology used today.

Though the logging industry changed over the years, one thing remains the same: the need for skill and ingenuity. Modern loggers must be just as competent with their tools as early loggers. Some would argue that today’s logging industry possesses new challenges and requires modern loggers to carry an even broader skill set, including:

  • Negotiating contracts
  • Operating, maintaining, and repairing equipment
  • Potentially running a business
  • Partnering with buyers, landowners, and foresters

Modernized Logger Training

Regardless of timetables, loggers are and always have been necessary in the woods. An issue the industry is targeting is the decrease in the overall workforce. It’s worth noting that while the early logging years required more strenuous physical labor, the modern logging systems are more technical and operator-friendly. After learning equipment demands and safety guidelines, it’s a rewarding trade.

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