How To Build an Animal Enclosure Using Wire Railing

How To Build an Animal Enclosure Using Wire Railing

For many animal owners, their pets are their children. When you’re not with them, though, they should occupy a safe space designed just for them to enjoy. If you have outdoor pets, you risk losing them if they escape. Keeping them in a safe and secure enclosure is essential to their livelihood. Let’s explore how to build an animal enclosure using wire railing and see if this setup works best for your fur children.

Build the Frame

The first thing to do is build the framework. Determine the best location for the enclosure, and then determine the most suitable size requirements. The sizing will rely heavily on the animals and their needs.

Once you’ve mapped out the area, set your markers and posts. Using wood posts is more cost-effective, but it’s not uncommon to use prefabricated metal posts. Secure the postings into the ground with cement and be sure to keep them equidistant from one another.

Run the Wire

If you’re using prefabricated metal, follow the kit’s instructions regarding the wiring. It’s vital you accurately measure when you drill your holes into the wooden posts. Make sure they’re all the same height and size. Once you have the holes predrilled, run the wire from post to post.

Secure the Wiring

After installing the wiring around the entire enclosure, secure it to prevent any loose wiring that could harm your animals. Pick up a wire railing hardware kit to ensure you have all the pieces and parts to fasten the structure.

To cut back on any accidents with the animals, trim any loose wiring after securing all the connections. Use an electric grinder or reciprocating saw to make any trims and install end caps to avoid jagged edges.

Don’t overthink how to build an animal enclosure using wire railing. Get in touch with American Cable Rigging today, and we can ensure you have the right supplies.