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How To Build and Install a Wire Railing Staircase

Installing your own wire railing staircase is an excellent DIY project. To learn the ins and outs of how to build and install a wire railing staircase, please read along.

Get the Right Tools

You must acquire the proper tools to complete this job. These tools include:

  • Cable Crimper
  • Cable Cutter
  • Cable Rail Insert Tool
  • Guide Pin
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Long T-30 Screw Bit
  • Insert Sleeve Driver
  • String
  • Modified Slip Joint Pliers
  • Drill
  • ¼ Inch Drill Bit

Mount Rail Posts

Some people will build their own posts. But many prefer to use prefabricated posts for this task. Assuming your posts are prefabricated, you must first drill them down into their spots. Then create spaced holes on the posts. You can use a cordless drill to drill 1/4 inch into each of the spaced holes.

Level the Wire

For the next step in this guide on how to build and install a wire railing staircase, you must ensure the wires are level and parallel. To test this, you can thread a string through every hole and make it taut by adjusting the tension. Look at it from a few paces away. If you are satisfied, move on.

Figure Out Your Wire’s Length

This part of the job requires some math, so it can be tricky. You must analyze the area where you are putting your first cable railing and figure out its perimeter. After that, you can multiply that number by the number of strands or rungs you would like. The equation looks like this:

Total Required Wire = Perimeter x Number of Strands

Cut the Wire

To terminate the wire, turn to your cable cutters and cut it as evenly as you can. Then use your wire rail insert tool to bring the wire through and crimp it. You can then apply your washer, nut, and cap nut to keep it in place. As you get more acquainted with cable railing supplies, this part of the task will get easier.

Adjust Wires and Seal

Adjust the wire tension until you feel that it’s properly taut. You can seal the wire by putting some polish on a rag and giving it a full wipe down.