How To Choose the Right Turnbuckles

How To Choose the Right Turnbuckles

In the rigging process, turnbuckles connect a wire-rope or cable with another wire or anchor point. By that sentence alone, you can see how important it is for the safety and security of those using the product that you use the right turnbuckle. For insight and direction on how to choose the right turnbuckles, read the information provided below.

Types of Turnbuckles

There are five common types of turnbuckles. Provided below is a quick outline of the different varieties, as well as a few pieces of information about each type.

  • Stub End – This a turnbuckle that has a steel rod that protrudes at both ends.
  • Hook and Hook – Two hooks are used for this specific type of turnbuckle.
  • Eye and Eye – A total of two circular or oval-shaped eyes make up this turnbuckle.
  • Jaw and Jaw – This specific turnbuckle is made up of a jaw and jaw.
  • Jaw and Eye – These individual turnbuckles are designed specially depending on the project.

Assess the Scenario

All types of turnbuckles listed above are used for a variety of scenarios. Make sure you thoroughly understand the project or task that you will be completing so you can make an educated decision on the correct turnbuckle to use. The last thing that you want is for something to go wrong because you didn’t use the right turnbuckle.

Purchase Quality Items

Lastly, in how to choose the right turnbuckles, you want to make sure the turnbuckles you are purchasing are of good quality. Poorly made or designed turnbuckles can be unsafe and will not allow you to successfully complete the task or job at hand. Do your research and find the right business to purchase your turnbuckles from.

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