How To Properly Maintain and Store Lifting Slings

How To Properly Maintain and Store Lifting Slings

You must learn how to properly maintain and store lifting slings if you are to ever safely use them on a job. After reading this article, you should know the worksite environments of which your slings do not belong, and how they should be properly stored.

Keep Away From Extreme Heat or Cold

All slings, no matter their material, are susceptible to damage when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Polyester and nylon slings can burn, char, or melt from heat. While slings made from wire mesh, rope, and alloy chain can tolerate extreme temperatures, they may degrade in quality and lose load capacity over time. All slings should be regularly checked for damage.

Avoid Extended Exposure To UV or Sunlight

Synthetic materials used for web slings, rope slings, and roundslings can be severely degraded by exposure to ultraviolet light and sunlight. You can tell a roundsling or web sling has experienced damage by analyzing its appearance. A yellow web sling might change to a faded or nearly white color, as would a brightly colored roundsling. As you undergo regular inspections of your synthetic slings, look for faded spots and feel around for stiff or brittle areas. These are signs of ultraviolet light damage.

Avoid Rough Surfaces and Edges

A vitally important tip on this list of how to properly maintain and store lifting slings is to keep them out of the way of certain surfaces. Tough surfaces, corners, or edges can damage a sling made from steel, polyester, or nylon. If a synthetic sling supports a load with rough edges, it could puncture or tear; if it’s wire rope, it might dog leg; an alloy chain might get crushed or distorted, and metal might get broken wires or their mesh distorted.

Edge and cute protection should be employed wherever the sling contacts the load. Sleeves and corner pads can both protect the sling from damage, and also protect delicate surfaces from crushing, scratches, and scuffs.

How To Clean and Store Slings

Keep your slings stored off the ground when they are not in use. Remove them from extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture, and mechanical devices. When you’re working in a production facility, hang your slings in storage lockers or on racks. When you’re working on a constructions site, use a rigging box to keep them organized.

It can take diligent effort and careful attention to detail to properly maintain and store lifting slings. American Cable Rigging has a history of excellence when it comes to managing our slings. Come check out our website to take a look at our adjustable chain lifting slings.