How To Select the Right Eye Bolt for Your Application

How To Select the Right Eye Bolt for Your Application

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably used an eye bolt at some point in your life. Eye bolts come in a variety of sizes and materials, so they’re all suitable for a variety of needs. There are some specific things to consider when you’re choosing an eye bolt, though. If you’d like to learn how to select the right eye bolt for your application, check out our guide below.

Consider Shouldered or Non-Shouldered Eye Bolts

Despite there being several variations of eye bolts, most fall under the umbrella of shouldered or non-shouldered. Shouldered eye bolts are the most versatile and they’re generally safer. If you’re lifting at an angle, a shouldered eye bolt should be your first choice. Before lifting at an angle, however, you must read the manufacturer’s suggestions when it comes to the angle (more on this later). On the other hand, non-shouldered eye bolts are only designed for vertical lifts. If you attempt to lift an angle with a non-shouldered eye bolt, the result could be catastrophic.

Think About the Sling’s Angle

If we’re being honest, a large number of lifts are performed at an angle; that said, you must consider the angle when choosing an eye bolt. The reason it’s vital to consider your sling’s angle is because it may determine which eye bolt suits your application best. Moreover, as the angle increases the eye bolt’s weight capacity decreases.

Will There Be Any Rotation?

In general, eye bolts aren’t meant to support rotating loads. That said, there are some swivel rings you can purchase either instead of or in addition to the eye bolt. Attempting to perform a hoist that requires rotation with a standard eye bolt could result in a broken bolt and serious accident. In other words, if there’s any possibility of your load rotating, you should protect yourself and those around you with a swivel eye bolt.

All things considered, learning how to select the right eye bolt for your application is rather simple. You must consider all the typical factors of your load before performing the lift. If you’re ever unsure about which eye bolt is best for your application, ask a professional.

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