Industries That Utilize Cable and Rigging Supplies

Industries That Utilize Cable and Rigging Supplies

Some of the most frequently used structures come to fruition through the various industries that utilize cable and rigging supplies. The public may skim over some of these things, but their impact on our daily lives shouldn’t remain unnoticed.

The use of cable hardware is vital for maintaining the safety of buildings, worksites, and people. Let’s take a closer look at some industries that benefit from cable and rigging supplies!


An industry that utilizes cable and rigging supplies we often overlook is the lumber and logging industry. These supplies are essential for loggers because they work at elevated heights and encounter steep slopes. A suspension system keeps workers safe. Meanwhile, rigging hardware can maneuver lumber in and out of the work zone, specifically onto sawing equipment and trucks.


Cable rails provide a specific kind of barrier in a wide variety of styles, and they offer safety without hindering the view. You’ll see cable railing in balconies and scenic parks. For some people, bird safety is a priority, and cable rails allow for a safer environment for birds to pass through.

Designers will also utilize both indoor and outdoor cable railing for sleek touches and an airy appearance.


In the construction industry, cable and rigging supplies have two purposes. On the one hand, they promote the safety of construction workers. Falling is the industry’s number one leading cause of death, and proper railings and harnesses prevent such accidents.

Cable rigging also helps support the worksite with crane attachments to relocate heavy items. Wire ropes, slings, and chains help lift and move items safely and efficiently.

American Cable and Rigging carries various supplies to contribute to all these industries. We have everything you need, from nylon lifting straps for lumber relocation to cable rails for patio enclosures. So contact us today, and we can assist in all your rigging hardware needs.