outdoor wood deck with steel cable railing fence

Stainless Steel Cable Railings: What You Should Know

Having proper railings in your home is important for safety — this is especially true seeing as how one in three elderly adults sustain injuries from falling on stairways every year. But when you choose the right railing materials, railings can still add aesthetic value and be easy to maintain. This is why more and more homeowners are choosing stainless steel cable railings. Let’s explore a few things you should know if you’re considering this type of railing.

The maintenance is easy: One of the great things about choosing stainless steel railing materials, especially for outdoor use, is that they’re easy to take care of. By cleaning the railings regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner, your railings will remain in good shape. It is important to note that stainless steel is rust resistant, but that doesn’t mean it’s rust proof — if you use the wrong cleaning materials, your railings could start rusting prematurely. So be mindful of what kind of products you’re using to maintain your materials.

You’ll have a better view: When choosing railings, many homeowners fail to think about what the view will be like once the railing is in place. Fortunately, cable railing supplies allow for an unobstructed view. This is great for people looking to keep staircases open even with a railing. The unobstructed view is also beneficial for decks and other outdoor settings where homeowners want to be able to enjoy the view while keeping safety a priority.

The posts need to be right: When the cable railing is installed, homeowners need to ensure the posts they’ve chosen to hold the cables is compatible with the railings. Not all posts are created equal — it’s important to choose posts that can stay in place when the cables are tightened. Cable railing may have to be tightened down the line, and it’s crucial that the posts can withstand this added pressure. If the posts are too weak, the cables could snap, causing a serious safety concern. So homeowners should make sure that they’re not only buying high-quality cables, but high-quality posts and stainless steel cable railing fittings as well.

Hopefully, this article has provided some great information about cable railings. If you’re looking for a reliable and easily-maintained railing option that won’t obstruct your view, consider stainless steel cable railings.