The Difference Between Web Slings and Round Slings

The Difference Between Web Slings and Round Slings

Any time you’re lifting an object with heavy machinery, your hardware can make or break the lift. Every company that frequently lifts heavy materials should have a variety of slings. While there are several options when it comes to slings, every company needs both a web and round sling. If you’d like to learn the difference between web slings and round slings, our experts break them down below.

Web slings

While there are various grades of web slings, many of them follow the same standards. A web sling is made of a flat fabric (usually polyester) that is flexible and lightweight, appropriate for a variety of lifting operations. Because web slings are flexible, they’re often the ideal sling for lifting irregular-shaped items. Additionally, when lifting extremely heavy items, the weight of the item puts pressure on the sling, which can sometimes damage the item. However, the flexibility of web slings significantly reduces the risk of damaging your load. While our web slings contain a lifting capacity ranging from 3,200 pounds vertical to 32,600 pounds basket, you should consider a chain sling for heavier loads.

Round slings

Round slings are also made with polyester and provide the same benefits as web slings. The key difference, however, is round slings have an endless loop of polyester that acts as a jacket. The jacket offers additional durability and flexibility when performing your lift. While you have additional load protection with round slings, the jacket reduces the sling’s stretching ability and thus its lifting capacity. Our round slings are rated for loads of 3,000 to 30,000 pounds—slightly less than their web counterpart.

While the differences between web slings and round slings are generally minor, you should understand the differences so you can choose the right sling for the right job. There are two questions to ask yourself before choosing a sling for your lift: What’s the load’s weight? And do you need to protect the object from damage? If you’re lifting something that’s approximately 10,000 pounds and it doesn’t need additional protection, a web sling will suffice. Alternatively, if the item is particularly fragile or can’t withstand impact, you need a round sling.

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