The Different Types of Lifting Hooks and Sling Hooks

The Different Types of Lifting Hooks and Sling Hooks

When rigging and hoisting items, you’ll need several pieces of hardware. One of the most vital pieces of hardware is the hook you choose. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is the different types of lifting hooks and sling hooks. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve got you covered in our list below.

Eye Hoist Hook With a Latch

Probably the most popular type of hook is an eye hook with a latch. The primary advantages of an eye hoist hook with a latch are strength and security. While eye hooks don’t look like much, they have the capacity to lift up to 11 tons. Naturally, you want to ensure the load is secure when you’re lifting something extremely heavy, and that’s where the latch comes in.

Swivel Hoist Hook With a Latch

Much like the previous hook, swivel hoist hooks are also extremely strong. Our swivel hoist hooks also have a lifting capacity of up to 11 tons; they also have a latch for added security. The defining feature, however, is the swiveling capability. You might have some scenarios where you need your load to swivel for ease of control or placement.

Grab Hook or Slip Hook

Some scenarios may require you to pull (or even drag) materials a certain distance prior to lifting. You might reach for a grab hook which is similar to any other hook, only they don’t have a latch and they are not designed for overhead lifting. On the other hand, if you need additional security when pulling the load, you could use a slip hook. A slip hook is a similar design to a grab hook, except that it has a latch for added security.

A lot of companies use one sling and one hook for every scenario. While there are slings and hooks that are highly versatile, knowing the different types of lifting hooks and sling hooks and which ones to use can improve your lifting efficiency. The thing is, you need to make sure the hardware you use is dependable and durable.

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