The Different Types of Turnbuckles

The Different Types of Turnbuckles

As you know, turnbuckles control the tension between cables or wire ropes. Additionally, a turnbuckle helps rigging and hoisting crews reduce excess slack in the cables. There are several different types of turnbuckles to help crews work safely and efficiently. If you’d like to learn about your options when choosing a turnbuckle, we’ve got you covered in our guide below.


One of the most common types of turnbuckles is eye-to-eye. This turnbuckle features a ring-like end on both sides that easily attaches to other components such as a shackle. The main advantage of eye/eye turnbuckles is their security. If you’re performing a lift where you’re concerned the anchor may slip, you should use an eye/eye turnbuckle because it eradicates the possibility of slippage.


As you might suspect, the hook/eye turnbuckle has an eye on one end and a hook on the other. The benefit of a hook/eye turnbuckle is the fact that you can easily attach and detach the turnbuckle by merely reducing the tension on the cables. You should never use a hook/eye turnbuckle in scenarios where the tension could suddenly loosen because the hook could come out of place.


When you have guaranteed control, a hook/hook turnbuckle is acceptable. However, you shouldn’t use this turnbuckle for lifting because there is a risk the hardware may slip out of the hook. Hook/hook turnbuckles are most common for support or to adjust the length of a cable or rope. Because a hook/hook turnbuckle is so versatile, every company should have one in their collection.


A jaw-to-eye turnbuckle is common because of the jaw’s versatility. A jaw is a u-shaped end with a nut and bolt so you can easily attach it to other components you can’t open, like an eye. The jaw/eye turnbuckle is common because the jaw end provides added security with the nut and bolt on one side and the reliability of an eye on the other.


Unsurprisingly, the jaw/jaw turnbuckle has a jaw on each end, which allows you to attach your turnbuckle to the most unusual items. Moreover, the jaw/jaw can provide equal tension easily because the nut and bolt allow the turnbuckle to pivot as needed. Both a jaw-to-eye and jaw-to-jaw turnbuckle should be in your arsenal.

While these five different types of turnbuckles are the most common, we offer a variety of others, including deck toggle hand swage and a toggle swage turnbuckle. The most important aspect of cable rigging hardware is quality. When you’re lifting extremely heavy materials, you need to ensure your hardware can handle it. That’s where we come in.

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