The Role of Rigging in Construction

The Role of Rigging in Construction

To successfully understand construction and all it entails, it’s important to have a well-rounded idea of the role that rigging plays. Properly educating yourself on the role of rigging in construction will only give you a more stable foundation for planning, preparing, and executing all your construction related projects. For insight on this topic read the information available below.

What Is Rigging?

‘Rigging’ could mean two different things. The first being that it’s the setting up of equipment and materials to be lifted, the second being the name for the apparatus by which something is lifted. Depending on the jobsite and project, the definition of ‘rigging’ will change.

Professional Rigging Companies

When having a project or construction-related job that needs rigging, it’s important to hire and/or consult a professional rigging company. The process can be complicated, have many variables, and be dangerous if not properly executed. Hiring a company will allow for this to be completed correctly and safely. The proper procedures will be followed and the right equipment will be used.


With rigging comes the use of a many different pieces of cable rigging products and equipment. The pieces of equipment include shackles, chains, slings, anchors, spreader bars, cranes and more. Knowing how to use these pieces of equipment correctly and safely is absolutely vital. Individuals who aren’t qualified to do so should not use them, which is exactly why a professional rigging company should be hired.

If you need a company to help you out with a construction job or project because of the rigging, you’ve come to the right place. Within the role of rigging in construction, many things are important, including the explanation of rigging, why the companies are important, and why only professionals should use the equipment. With this information and our professionals here at American Cable Rigging, we can provide you with the best assistance possible. Call us or visit our website today!