Things To Look For When Shopping for Rigging Equipment

Things To Look For When Shopping for Rigging Equipment

Choosing the right tools and apparatuses for lifting and hoisting materials or objects is vital to practicing safety on the job site. We suggest keeping a few factors in mind when shopping for rigging equipment. Use this guide to ensure you’re purchasing the correct kind of devices and materials for the load you’re lifting.

OSHA Requirements

Hoisting large objects or heavy materials can create a dangerous scenario, especially if you utilize devices that are not OSHA compliant. OSHA has set different laws and requirements businesses must follow when rigging materials. Be careful not to violate these restrictions, or you could pay a fine. In the end, OSHA is concerned with safety, and using the wrong slings or ropes could result in injury or death, so it’s imperative that you use OSHA-compliant equipment.

Configure Your Load Limits

The load limit is the most critical factor to consider when shopping for rigging equipment. Using the wrong devices to lift loads could damage either the rig or the device you’re lifting, leading to hazardous situations. Understand exactly what you’re lifting and the object’s weight to safely decide on your equipment.

Temperature & Environment

High temperatures can cause materials like nylon to become brittle, so chain or wire rope is the better option. Furthermore, working around a body of water could also determine the kind of hardware you use. To help prevent corrosion, we recommend searching for rigging equipment made from stainless steel.

Purchase From a Reputable Supplier

Quality is not something to skip out on for rigging devices because you’re putting the equipment through rigorous conditions. Finding a reputable rigging equipment supplier is important because they most likely have excellent customer satisfaction and offer materials and devices of a higher quality. By keeping safety and OSHA compliance at the forefront of your mind when purchasing this equipment, you can prevent accidents and injuries that can happen when using poorly made tools.

Finding the best rigging equipment is of the utmost importance for lifting heavy materials. Compromising quality and compliance for equipment price can create disastrous scenarios. Consider checking out American Cable Rigging’s equipment for the best tools at the right price in the industry.