Truck gathering tree logs

What Equipment You Need for Logging

In logging, a crew’s safety and reliable equipment are the top priority. Logging often requires crews to work at extreme heights and on precipitous slopes, making the work environment dangerous. To reduce the chances of injury, manufacturers have developed several pieces of equipment to help workers with rigging trees safely, among other things. If you’re searching for more information about what equipment you need for logging, our experts put together this guide below.

Heavy equipment

There are three typical logging methods: tree-length logging, whole-tree logging, and cut-to-length logging. Each method requires different types of equipment. For example, whole-tree and cut-to-length logging are two of the most common methods, and crews often use harvesters to cut trees down and delimb in one passing.

Once the tree is down, the process can look different depending on the purpose of the wood. For some logging companies, they merely need to delimb and haul the tree onto a truck using a log loader, skidder, or small crane set up with rigging hardware. Once the delimbed tree is in a safe area, loggers often buck the tree into different lengths using a chainsaw. After felling a tree, some loggers will use a stump grinder to level out the work zone to diminish tripping hazards, though it’s not always necessary. Additionally, after delimbing a tree, some companies will leave the limbs while others will use a wood chipper. It’s entirely up to you and the method your company uses.

Rigging and lifting equipment

While you have all this heavy machinery to take the tree down, you’re going to need a way to move the tree safely. Every logging company needs multiple logging chokers that are reliable. We offer button/button and loop/button chokers along with a loop/loop chokers with sliding choker hooks. Most loggers will use a choker along with a skidder to remove a fallen tree. In extreme scenarios where you need to lift multiple trees at once, you should use chain slings with your crane for exceptional strength. Anyone who’s worked in forestry before knows that sometimes your hooks can break, so we always encourage workers to carry extras.

While there are plenty of other equipment options companies can use, the ones mentioned here are the most common. We understand what equipment you need for logging because our team as a whole has plenty of experience.

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