What to Know Before You Buy a Web Sling

What to Know Before You Buy a Web Sling

So, you’re preparing to put your lifting machinery to work and realize you need a new web sling. You should make sure you get the right web sling before rushing into a purchase. That way you’ll ensure your web sling can safely lift the load and keep yourself and the rest of the crew safe. If you’re looking for more information and what to know before you buy a web sling, please read the guide below.

Know how much you’re lifting

You should never assume your current sling is “good enough” to lift an item. Each item or load is a different weight, which can require a different sling. For instance, if you’re lifting common items such as generators, a synthetic sling is usually sufficient. Alternatively, heavy and abrasive items require a sling with more durability and strength, such as chain slings.

Know what you’re lifting

Some of you may lift items that are packaged or in shipping crates, but much of the time you know exactly what you’re lifting. In some scenarios, the job site may require lifting sharp materials that could tear through a synthetic sling, so instead you should use a chain or wire sling. As you likely know, some materials can get extremely hot, whether from baking in the sun all day or the nature of the material itself. You should use a chain or wire sling when lifting hot materials because they can also tear and potentially burn through a synthetic sling.

Understand the different sling materials

Everyone in the industry is familiar with synthetic slings because they’re the standard, and they work fine in many scenarios. But do you know the other materials and how to choose the right one for your lift? For instance, you’ve heard about chain and wire rope above, but have you used them? Do you know when to use them? Anytime you’re lifting something extremely heavy, you should immediately reach for the chain slings. If you’re lifting an item that you can’t damage, you could use wire rope slings instead, as they’re less abrasive.

Now that you’re aware of what to know before you buy a web sling, you should inspect your arsenal. Every company should have at least a couple of chain slings on hand, in addition to synthetic and wire rope slings. When lifting heavier loads, you’ll likely need a single-leg chain sling most of the time, but there are other scenarios where you’ll need extra strength and stability. In an extreme lifting scenario, you may want a two- or even four-leg chain sling. Anytime you’re lifting items, you want the peace of mind that your equipment is going to hold up, and that’s where we come in.

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