When Should You Use Web Slings for a Rigging Job?

When Should You Use Web Slings for a Rigging Job?

Various materials are used to make lifting slings, so it might be confusing to determine which one to use for particular jobs. When it comes to web slings, when should you use one for a rigging job? Go over what these slings are and where it’s appropriate to use them in your line of work.

What Are Web Slings?

A web sling consists of synthetic material, such as nylon or polyester, to form a “belt” that commonly has twisted or flat eyes on either end of the material. They are extremely flexible and versatile for rigging applications. They’re also easy to use and one of the more inexpensive components you could purchase.

Alkaline Environments/Acidic Chemicals

Not every environment you work in will be the same, so each one requires various materials to ensure your rigging process goes smoothly and safely. When you’re in an environment with high alkaline levels, you should use nylon rigging straps because they’re resistant to these chemicals. When more acidic chemicals are present, polyester slings are resistant and work well.

Delicate Parts & Equipment

When you need to lift equipment or parts that are more delicate, you should use web slings for this rigging job. There is a potential risk of damaging the more fragile items you’re hoisting with other rigging equipment, such as chains, because they’re more abrasive. Web slings, however, are a softer material that gently wraps around the part or equipment to not damage it.

Oddly Shaped Loads

Nylon and polyester are stretchy materials that have the flexibility to mold to any kind of load. You might find it challenging to find the appropriate material to lift an oddly shaped load. Synthetic slings are the most suitable for these jobs because they can conform to the item for better lifting practices.

Always check the load requirements for the product or items you’re lifting. You never want to exceed the maximum load limit for the sling because it will make the work site unsafe, and you could potentially damage your equipment. Next time you’re dealing with acidic chemicals, alkaline environments, delicate equipment, or oddly shaped loads, use a web sling!