When To Replace Your Cable Rigging Equipment

When To Replace Your Cable Rigging Equipment

Things experience wear and tear with continued use and age. But when these things pose safety risks to workers and construction sites, understanding their limits is critical. Let’s look at a few key indicators that will help you know when to replace your cable rigging equipment before it’s too late.

Visible Corrosion

The first sign of equipment in need of replacement is visible corrosion. Corrosion is a natural process that occurs during excessive use of an item and its exposure to the elements. Team members should check the equipment and hoisting gear every day before and after use to stay on top of the signs. Additionally, placing equipment in a secure location while it’s not in use can prolong its life and decrease the risks.

Deformed Hooks

Ensure that all hooks remain intact per the manufacturer’s guidance. Anytime a hook experiences deformation, a safety hazard is in play. Hook designs enable them to withstand various weights, structures, and forms, and when the hooks aren’t in their correct anatomical nature, you risk liability.

Material Distortion

When wires, ropes, or slings show signs of distortion, it’s time to consider replacements. Materials such as logging choker cables can become useless or threaten the environment when they’re not in good working condition. Any signs of kinks, frayed ends, or snags can impair their ability to perform tasks. An excellent way to check for signs of distortion or damage is to lay your cables and wiring on the ground; they should remain flat and straight.

Watching for the signs of when to replace your cable rigging equipment is a critical part of the job. Consider adding a continual training or education program about equipment safety to ensure that all team members abide by the protocols and guidelines for the manufacturer’s suggestions. And reach out to American Cable Rigging when it’s time to invest in new supplies. We offer quality materials and equipment for all rigging and logging projects.