When To Replace Your Chain Lifting Slings

When To Replace Your Chain Lifting Slings

Roof shingles slide off, tires grow old, and your favorite work boots lose their tread. With enough wear and tear, everything eventually needs replacing. Your lifting hardware is no different, and there are a few signs to look for to know when to replace your chain lifting slings.

Heat Damage

The environment where you use the equipment most often plays a significant role in how frequently you need to replace it. Exposure to sun and heat can damage your equipment much faster than mediocre or minimal exposure.

Signs of heat damage include cracking along the hardware and discoloration of the metal. Consider storing your lifting equipment in a temperature-controlled environment, if possible, to prolong its life.

It’s Hard To Read the Load Ratings

An excellent way to know when to replace your chain lifting slings is to see if the load rating is hard to read or gone entirely. This is typically a sign of overuse or age. It’s best to replace the slings at this point to avoid making a mistake. Your company’s responsibility is to ensure all equipment is safe to prevent falls and fatalities.

The load rating will specify the sling’s minimum breaking strength and yield strength. These represent the highest bearable stress level before deformation occurs.

Noticeable Corrosion

Noticeable signs of corrosion are an immediate indication that it’s time to replace your slings. These signs often include damage to latches or hooks and any distortions. Even though you can clean the corrosion off most metals, seeing it is a good sign of aging and elemental distress. These are both reasons for replacement.

At American Cable & Rigging, we understand the importance of safety on job sites. If you notice signs of wear and tear and need to find replacements for your equipment, you can get in touch with us today for more information about adjustable chain lifting slings.