When To Replace Your Nylon Rigging Straps

When To Replace Your Nylon Rigging Straps

Things age and eventually need repairing or replacing, no matter what they are. Figuring out which action to take can be challenging, though. When it comes to nylon rigging gear, safety must remain at the forefront because of the great deal of stress it will undergo in its lifetime. So if you’re on the fence about what’s best, here are a few key indicators that signal when to replace your nylon rigging straps.

Heat Damage

Because nylon rigging straps have firsthand encounters with the elements, heat damage is a factor to consider. This can lead to weakened materials and increased corrosion. One of the first indications of heat damage and excessive exposure is melting or charring.

There will be hard black spots or speckles from welding. Recognizing these flaws plays a significant role in management’s ability to replace straps before they become faulty.

Load Rating Information

All lifting supplies will come with a specific set of load ratings. This information is visible on all equipment at the start of its journey. And through time, it can wear down from being in the elements and extensive use.

When this information is no longer easily accessible, it’s time to consider the age of the straps and order replacements. This pertinent information helps operators navigate usage and load ratios when in operation. You risk overloading or imbalanced hoisting when you don’t have this information, posing a safety hazard.

Material Damage

You must evaluate your nylon straps before and after use. Any damage to the material is a cause for concern. Frays, nicks, tears, or snags can indicate a weak spot and can be life threatening if not handled promptly.

Over time, these things happen with use, but sometimes, accidents occur while lifting or lowering. So the operator and manager should remain aware of these events. Continuing use of any damaged materials can result in workers’ comp or financial burdens on the business.

When it’s time to replace your nylon rigging straps, you should reach out to American Cable Rigging. We provide quick and convenient care to ensure your projects remain safe and effective.