When You Should Consider Getting a Cable Railing Systems

When You Should Consider Getting a Cable Railing Systems

While you would typically see wood or metal rails on home decks and stairs, a new material is quickly gaining popularity—cable rails. This stainless steel material offers new stylistic and practical traits you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for an excuse to install new rails, you should consider our reasons for getting a cable railing system.

You Want an Unobstructed View

Any other type of rail on your stairs or deck will obstruct your view of your backyard. Maybe you have an ocean view from your backyard and can no longer see it through your railing’s wooden spindles. With cable rails, the material is lightweight and thin enough that it does not completely block your view, so you can keep enjoying the scenery.

Maintenance Is Becoming a Hassle

A wooden deck can be susceptible to mildew, splinters, and discoloration if you do not maintain the material throughout the years. If this is becoming a hassle for you or you cannot keep up with the cleaning, consider switching to a cable rail system. The cable is low-maintenance and relatively simple to clean. Use a power washer or a cloth soaked in car wash soap every few weeks to ensure the rails are clean.

You Need a Higher Strength Rail

Do you have a curious little one that likes to hang on your rails no matter how often you tell them not to? Or maybe you have a dog that loves to jump up on the rails to get a better view of the backyard. Either way, if your wooden rails are no longer strong enough to hold a certain amount of weight, you should consider installing cable.

The stainless steel will not deteriorate from sunlight or water and is one of the strongest options available for a rail system. Ensure you have the correct cable rail tools handy because you may need to add tension to the cable from time to time to strengthen the rail.

More Industrial Home Design

Another reason you should consider getting a cable railing system is if you want to redesign your home. Your current rails might feel outdated and may not complement your aesthetic anymore. Cable rails are very versatile and flexible and can add a touch of modern industrial aesthetic to your home. You could even mix and match materials like cable rails with wooden frames for a more personal home design!

Cable railing is very unique in style and quickly becoming a popular option to add to your stairs or deck. If you find that you do want a rail that is durable and relatively maintenance-free, cable is your best bet! Remember to ensure your railing system is safe and secure by using the suitable tools found on our website!