stainless steel cable railing fittings

Why You Need Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Preventing falls in residential and commercial properties is an important undertaking that builders should know. OSHA published fall protection measures for general industry back in 1971, and the same regulations continue to govern the industry. Although many people have been using wood for fall protection, stainless steel cable railing fittings have been gaining popularity in the last few years.


About Stainless Steel Cable Railing Fittings


Cable rail fittings have become the most sought after railing material for public spaces, commercial buildings, and homes. Most of the stainless steel cable railing fittings are easy to install and have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Steel railing materials require low-maintenance and have other benefits that they offer to homeowners.


If you are looking for places where you can install stainless steel cable railing fittings, here are some popular areas that you cannot ignore.


1. Decks


One of the most common places where you need to install stainless steel cable is on a backyard deck. Homeowners know the value of the deck, especially in summer, when all the people want to spend their time in outdoor areas.


Although decks provide the best area where you can enjoy summer months with friends and family members, it is a dangerous area that is vulnerable to falls. Railings stainless steel cable will protect against falls while at the same time not blocking the scenic views.


2. Balconies and Terraces


Balconies are similar to decks but they are supported by the structure of the house, unlike decks which are stand-alone structures. Both balconies and terraces need to have strong and stylish railing that will protect against falls. Spacious cable railings that allow for the optimal view should be incorporated to make the whole viewing and balcony experience worthwhile.


3. Stairs


When you go into various buildings that have stairs, you will find that most of them have railings. Even in interior stairs, it is important to have cable railings so that you can provide security to the people moving up and down the stairs. You can use stainless steel cable railings for stairs because they are attractive, especially when used in interior stairs. Strong cable railing is necessary so that it can support people as they move up the stairs.


4. Outdoor Pathways


Stainless steel cable railing fittings can be used in outdoor areas for landscaping purposes. People with pathways in gardens use them to mark pathways and prevent people from stepping on flower lawns. Cable railings are better than wood because they don’t block the view. The fact that cable railings are resistant to extreme weather conditions have made a large number of people to use them in outdoor pathways.


5. Poolside Railings


If you have a spa or a pool, you already know the municipal rule that requires you to have a protective rail or fence around the property. You can easily use wood to adhere to municipal codes. However, wood requires a great deal of maintenance. Cable railings will keep your pool looking attractive, and they don’t require any form of maintenance.


Stainless Steel Cable Railing Fittings are Eco-Friendly


Cable railings are eco-friendly materials that you can use for your railing and fencing needs. They have very minimal or no impact on the immediate environment as compared to other railing materials such as wood or plastic poles. The fact that they require very little or no maintenance makes them suitable for the environment.


Another environmental benefit of cable railing is that most of the materials used, aluminum and steel can be recycled. Steel remains to be one of the world’s recycled materials and one of the easiest to reprocess. Aluminum is also a widely recycled material, which means that it leaves very little or no residue to harm the environment.


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